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About us

After several years of experience in the drinks sector, we could no longer suppress our passion: we soon noticed that we could no longer do without non-alcoholic drinks and therefore decided to take our first steps into the world ourselves. The market for non-alcoholic aperitifs is currently mainly dominated by an almost sweet and unhealthy offering. We quickly agreed with the two co-founders that it was high time to change this.
An alcohol-free aperitif is not only tasty, but sometimes also necessary. There are people who consciously choose an alcohol-free life for health reasons. For example, one of our Gutss founders had to say goodbye to alcoholic drinks and sugary alternatives for a while due to heart problems. We believe that people with intolerances or health issues should also be given the opportunity to choose from a varied range of delicious aperitifs.
No sooner said than done. After a long and complex process in collaboration with a specialized company that collaborates with a university, we conducted research to deliver the perfect end product. The result? Gutss of course. Not only does it taste good, low in calories, vegan and gluten-free, but it also retains the typical 'bite' that we love to taste in alcoholic counterparts. In short: Gutss is a win-win.Say yes to flavor & fun, but also to your health. Say yes to gush.

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